Is it important to change the mouthpiece after every test?
It is recommended that you change the mouthpiece for hygienic reasons.

How can I order more mouthpieces?
You can order more mouthpieces online through this website.

How long do I have to wait after having a drink before taking a test?
It is important that you wait at least 15 minutes after consuming alcohol before take a test. If you are unsure, rinse your mouth with water before taking the test, as residual mouth alcohol may affect the test results.

Are there other factors that can affect a breath alcohol test results?
Time - the body may not have absorbed all of the alcohol consumed yet. It can take up to one hour for alcohol to enter the blood. Some medications and mouthwash contain alcohol and may produce false positives. Don't use any of these products for 15 minutes before testing, and rinse your mouth out with water.

Does the DRIVESAFE device require any maintenance to remain accurate?
All breathalyzers need to be calibrated approximately once per year to ensure their accuracy and longevity.

How do I calibrate my DRIVESAFE device?
It is recommended that only qualified technicians perform calibration on the DRIVESAFE  unit– visit our Breathalyzer calibration page for more information about calibration services.

Who do I contact for DRIVESAFE device maintenance or repair?
Contact service@acs-corp.com for a service quotation.

Is there a warranty?
The DRIVESAFE device has a manufacturer's one year warranty which covers manufacturing defects. Calibration and sensors are not covered in the warranty.

Are results of the DRIVESAFE device valid in a court of law?
The DRIVESAFE  breathalyzer, while tested to many international standards, is not "valid" in a court of law. Law enforcement equipment and personnel are the final arbiters of the result.

What kind of Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) units are used to display the results?
The DRIVESAFE  device is capable of displaying six different BAC formats to include standard units of measurement for different countries.

How does the displayed unit of measurement (g/dL) compare to percentage of blood alcohol content (%BAC)?
They are the same, therefore 0.01 g/dL = 0.01 %BAC.

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