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At DRIVESAFE, safety is our top priority. We make user-friendly, functional and accurate products that you can depend on. Our goal is to keep you safe by ensuring you and your loved ones are always aware of their breath alcohol content (BrAC) before getting behind the wheel.



All our DRIVESAFE devices are equipped with advanced electrochemical sensors, the standard for law enforcement and professional devices. Our high quality sensors ensure you can depend on the stability and accuracy of your test results.



At DRIVESAFE, responsible driving and road safety are our top priorities; that’s why we design reliable and user-friendly devices that allow you to take control and make responsible and informed choices based on your breath test results.



We’re constantly working on improving our DRIVESAFE products. Innovative features like élan’s BAC Estimator and evōc’s Sober Estimation provide versatility and more information to help you make informed decisions when deciding to drive.

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DRIVESAFE products are designed to be versatile, accommodating your unique lifestyle. Whether you're a parent, professional, student, vacationer or a combination of the above, you care about safety and we're here to help you make responsible choices.


Designed to match your lifestyle

DRIVESAFE is a line of innovative, high quality and highly accurate personal breathalyzers designed to meet your unique needs. Each device offers unique features and capabilities; yet no matter which device is right for you, you can be confident that it was designed, engineered and manufactured using the highest quality materials and meets our strict quality standards.

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DRIVESAFE has designed a unique, customer-focused product line without sacrificing accuracy or reliability in its user-friendly design. With over 25 years of experience, DRIVESAFE is trusted by everyone from industry professionals and law enforcement to the average person interested in their own safety and the safety of family and friends.

When your safety is in question, trust DRIVESAFE to help you make the responsible choice.

To ensure your safety, we only use the best. Our breathalyzers contain

Our roots

DRIVESAFE is manufactured by Alcohol Countermeasure Systems (ACS), an international group of companies with over 40 years of experience developing innovative technology to prevent impaired driving. A leading designer and manufacturer of ignition interlocks and breath alcohol testers, ACS provides products and services to law enforcement, automotive, industrial, public and personal safety markets.

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